Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow






Natural Girl Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow

Natural color for beautiful eyes. This amazing mineral eyeshadow will compliment your eyes and be easy on your skin.  Not for use on lips.

Ultra-Mattes for eyes: Serecite, iron oxides, titanium dioxide kaolin clay; may contain ultramarine blue, silica, zinc oxide.
Mineral Powders: Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide. May contain ferric ferrocyandie

Weight: 13-14g

Price: $10.00


Ultra-Matte Eyeshadow


Mineral Powder Eyeshadow


Natural Girl Cosmetics offers a wide range of colors in our mineral makeup eyeshadow. If you don't know what color powder to order, we recommend that you order our sample bags (see below).

These powders can be used wet as an eyeliner.


Ultra-Matte Eyeshadow

Natural matte colors without shine.

Dark Moss

Medium Moss

Light Moss

Dark Tierra

Medium Tierra

Light Tierra

Dark Heather

Medium Heather

Light Heather

Dark Eggplant

Medium Eggplant

Light Eggplant

Dark Teal

Medium Teal

Light Teal



Want to try a sample?

Sample Bag Ultra Matte Eyeshadow
Price: $1.00




Mineral Powders

Variety of color- some shimmer and some are more matte.


Gold Brick

Gold Salmon

Soft Fuchsia

Butterfly Blue


Sky Blue


Light Gold

White Shimmer

Lavender Pearl

Pink Shimmer

Lavender Shimmer


Desert Sun




Sample Bag Mineral Powder Eyeshadow
Price: $1.00


You might want to try our Moisture Mousse Mineral Foundation-


Don't forget your eyeshadow and setting powder!


Setting Powder



Moisture Mousse Mineral Foundation



Blush and Foundation Brushes


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