Mineral Makeup FAQ







1. What is mineral makeup?

2. What is the best mineral makeup?

3.What makes the mineral makeup that Natural Girl Cosmetics sells better than other mineral makeup?

4. How do I apply Mineral Makeup?

5. How do I choose the right shade of mineral makeup?

6. How much coverage does mineral makeup provide?

7. My mineral foundation doesn’t have enough coverage; How can I get better coverage?

8. Does it contain SPF?

9. I have very dry skin- should I try mineral makeup?

10. I have very oily skin- should I try mineral makeup?

11. I have acne- will mineral makeup cover it up?

12. I have acne- Will mineral makeup make it worse?

13. Can I sleep in my mineral makeup?

14. What are the ingredients?

15. Does Natural Girl Cosmetics Contain Bismuth Oxychloride?

16. Does NGC mineral makeup contain fillers, cornstarch, or talc?

17. What is the shelf life of mineral makeup?








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