Powder Mineral Makeup Foundation





Natural Girl Cosmetics Mineral Powder Foundation is free of chemicals, talc, and dyes. It does not contain bismuth oxy-chloride (which has been known to cause breakouts or irritation). This mineral foundation is highly pigmented so it offers full coverage, and in most cases a separate concealer is not needed. It can be applied with a flat-top foundation brush or mixed with facial moisturizer for extremely sensitive or dry skin. Our powder foundation has a matte finish and it provides good oil control as oil will not cause it to clump or break up. Mineral Makeup foundation also helps to heal and calm inflammation from acne and rosacea. Mineral Makeup Foundation has a natural full spectrum sun protection, f and it feels weightless and will last all day. It contains no fillers so it is highly pigmented, meaning you should be able to use less than you would with other foundation powders.

TIP: Use the flat-top Foundation brush to apply your makeup. With highly pigmented mineral makeup like this you will need a specific brush that is very soft and dense, otherwise your makeup is likely to be "cakey" or blotchy. Also be sure that you do not apply too much powder. Apply a very thin layer, and apply additional thin layers only if more coverage is desired.

TIP: Use a setting powder overtop of your foundation and blush to give it extra "stay" power.

TIP: Colors can be easily customized by getting two shades of foundation and mixing them together.

Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultramarine blue, May Contain: zinc oxide

 30g sifter jar
Weight: 9-10g

 Price: $19.50


Natural Girl Cosmetics offers a wide range of colors in our mineral makeup powder foundation. If you don't know what color foundation to order, we recommend that you order a sample set and try it on. Choose the color that blends in to your skin the best. Colors can be easily mixed together if you are between shades or if you tend to change color from winter to summer.




Tan Girl




















Don't know what color to order? Try a sample!

Sample Bag Mineral Powder Foundation
Price: $2.50



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Don't forget your eyeshadow and blush!






Moisture Mousse Mineral Foundation


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