Mineral Makeup Setting Powder






Natural Girl Cosmetics Mineral Setting/Finishing Powder

A great touch to finish your face with a smooth matte finish and add staying power so that your makeup will last all day. Also aids in oil control. Can be used alone, for women who only need a light foundation, or over our powder or mousse foundation. Serecite is a translucent powder. Petal, Angel, and Tawny also contain iron oxides and soothing clay and are lightly tinted.

Don't forget to get your brushes too! Recommended brush: Flat-top Bronzer

Ingredients: Serecite, iron oxides, kaolin clay.

Volume: 20g
Weight 5-7g




Petal is great for those who wear Ashlie, Claire, or Sandra, then this pinkish setting powder is a good choice. If your face appears too pink, however, you may want to choose the yellowish setting powder, Angel, to make your face appear slightly less pink.

Angel works great for those who wear Paula, Kerrie, or Teporah.

Tawny, a medium yellow powder, works well for those who wear Tan Girl, Cecilia, Canela, or Saturnina.

Serecite is a translucent powder that aids in oil absorption, for a matte finish to your makeup.  Ingredient: Serecite





You might want to try our Moisture Mousse Mineral Foundation-


Don't forget your eyeshadow and setting powder!


Setting Powder



Moisture Mousse Mineral Foundation



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